I’m Jake, AKA Phoxel.

Let me tell you about myself.

Fox Warrior

I’m a jake of all trades (geddit?). Basically that means I do all sorts of different stuff sorta well.

But mostly I write. I’m a newspaper journalist right now. I have my own weekly column in which I write about video games. You can see some of my favorite gaming- and general nerd-related columns in the Patch Notes. I also have a podcast called Phox Vox where I talk about similar subjects (find it on iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app). A new thing I’m trying is longer-form personal pieces about interesting topics, which you can find in Paper Gum. I also write fiction (coming soon to the Phox Den). And finally, I keep a weekly diary of sorts detailing all the pop culture I consume aptly called Brain Sprinkles.

A recent creative outlet I’ve picked up is writing, shooting, and editing my own videos. I make content about “controversial” topics surrounding the geekosphere. Check out my YouTube channel or find videos in Nontroversy.

Other hobbies? Drumming and playing the bass, playing video games, longboarding, reading fantasy books and comics, squeezing my cat, binging anime and cartoons and other nerdy television… You get the idea.

Find me on Twitter @PhoxelHQ. I’d love to talk to you there.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay.